Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Road Rage...! Wanna put you in a cage :P You ROMORONS

This is no blame game! But, do people actually look back and think about how they are sometimes responsible for someone's bad day??

The day started with an hour of yoga and the relaxation that it brings. Started the day with a feeling that the day would be just great. But no! You see, you really cant control the morons around you!!

All of us work..all of us have to reach office on time...isn't it? Why don't these "so called" literates understand this?  First, the roads are pathetic...thanks to our own elected politicians. Second, the traffic because of the roads and MNCs all over the city. 

You cant even go across the road from one end to another end, if there is no home guard halting the traffic every now and then. What will a person lose by waiting for someone to pass for about 30secs..Is that too much to ask?

Everyone know, its wrong to overtake another vehicle from the left. But still, they do! All you educated morons, those rules are not just blind laws, there goes some sense behind making those. The rick driver that I was commuting in while coming back from office, was driving as if he was going to die in the next hour! Dude, get a life!
It doesn't take a moment to lose your life and you have no right to play with your passenger's life or the people on the road.

The horrifying accidents that keep happening on our roads makes me wonder.........

Accident literally means- An unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.

Do you see that?? Its an unfortunate incident, but I really don't think what happening these days are accidents!!
They are crime committed because of NEGLIGENCE!!!

Morons on road!! I would like to call them 'ROMORONS' --Morons for whom common sense is very uncommon while driving!

Coming back to my rick driver, he almost hit a lady who was trying to go across the road when the signal was red!! Come on! I really don't understand, what is the hurry when you know you have to wait gor the signal to go green??? Stupidity redefined!

And the solution to all the problems on the road is pretty simple. My funda is, take control of things you CAN! There's no point in whining about things not in your hand or control.Right?
Well, let me prove my point.

The smallest first step we could take is, First, Take your common sense along with you while driving. Its not very heavy!! To avoid repercussions of your negligence for yourself and others.

Second, We have all rights over having good roads! Don't we? So, think not twice but ten times while casting a vote.

Instead of this, we give up and whine about bad roads and traffic and ROMORONS!!

Reached home witnessing road rage but, ended the day with the soothing words of my husband, so smooth...definitely not like roads in bangalore :) :) lucky me!! :P

Monday, September 23, 2013

One life to live...

Voila! Heard of the academic guns!!? The so called "broad minded parents" rather I would call them hypocrites carry this always with themselves and use it on their children.

My son(no bias intended)! You should become a doctor!  or
My son! You should become an Engineer...!

Dad! But I want to be a Guitarist! Its my passion...my dream! And no matter how bloody good he is at this....Damn! No slightest possibilities that he is gonna get a chance!

Why? Dad says- A guitarist!! Have you gone nuts!!? I sent you to those classes just to keep you busy and occupied and pursue it as a hobby! You want to make a living out of it? Phew!

Son- Gosh! Like I asked I wanna be a Terrorist?? .............

Has anyone ever wondered why people terribly fail no matter what they try and end their lives?? Too bad! You live only once and its too precious to end it like a total failure and you have absolutely no right over it!


To support my thought...I did a little searching and found that there are 9 types of Intelligence!! Wow! Now, that's a good number.

NATURALIST Intelligence.... Call him 'Nature Smart'. These guys can hone their skills and can become environmentalists....Aldo Leopold! just to start with....

MUSICALIST Intelligence.... Call him "Musical Smart'. If you are good with your vocals or the guitar and all the head banging and composing....then Bang on! this is for you....Do I even have to name them...? Mozart...A R Rahman...:D

LOGICAL/MATHEMATICAL Intelligence.....'Number Smart' ....Everyone need not be genius with Math! Although I do agree, you should be good enough would be common sense. But if you are really good...then here you are...Waiting to add you to the list of all the eminent people....Ramanujan..Einstien...Newton and the list is plenty!

EXISTENTIAL Intelligence.... There are some folks out there who have the gift of thinking deep about themselves...about nature....about their existence itself! These have to be appreciated! Kyunki...sab ki bas ki baat nahi...

INTERPERSONAL Intelligence... If you know of anyone who is very outspoken...can understand you so well and awe you sometimes...then there they are....they could be your teachers...your leaders( I would insist you to exclude our politicians here, please!) ..social workers....many more...

BODILY-KINESTHETIC Intelligence.... Mind-Body union is what I am talking about here. All the famous sportsmen, athletes, Dancers.... 

LINGUISTIC Intelligence... You, me....journalists...poets...you can add a lot of people in this list. If you are good with your language and know how to keep a reader or a listener engrossed..then you are there!

INTRAPERSONAL Intelligence.... Deep thinking, analysis, continuously driving towards perfection. People who are not only invloved in appreciating self but also the human condition. You could add philosophers, psychologists, spiritual leaders to this list. Swami Vivekananda being my personal favourite....

Last but not the least....

SPATIAL Intelligence....If you get an adrenaline rush and is excited seeing jigsaw puzzles and mazes...then boy! you are on the right track. These guys are extremely creative and when it comes to mental imagery, spatial reasoning, image manipulation, graphic and artistic skills...they are really good. Sailors, architects, sculptors, pilots, painters ....

So the bottom line is... all of us have a very well blended mixture of all or many of these skills within us..but there would be "that one" skill that we are extremely good at!

Experiment with yourself! You might fail! but you will definitely win and find that talent of yours hidden in you.

I remember reading a book by Vivekananda where he mentions....the problems and the roots to all the problems lie within you! You just need to look within.

A very good example is the movie '3 Idiots'. How well has he potrayed this concept on the big screen! We need more film makers like Amir Khan :)

Its very disheartening when parents do not understand their own child and force them to become something they never destined to be! Saddening!

Would sign off for now with a thought from the book 'Wings of Fire' (by A P J Abdul Kalam) .... each child is born with a purpose ...a special purpose...he comes into this world though the mother...and then he is free!! Free to do the right thing...Free to find his destiny! ...


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Where are you?

Well...its time that I get back to writing!! :) Will be back with something worth reading :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"real story"


Imagine, you are caught by a bunch of monster like people, your legs and hands tied and put in a truck heading for your slaughter.oh!sorry you aren't being kidnapped but you are heading to the butcher house to be chopped into pieces.Hard to imagine....but yes imagine the same plight of those thousands and millions of innocent creatures which were obviously not created on earth to satisfy your taste buds!!!
I would quote a real story here that i read in one of the magazines.......

Once a sage came to preach about peace to the convicts in the jail and much before the jailers could bring the prisoners to him , a guy himself came to the sage. He wanted to say something,he wanted to tell the sage the reason for him to be there.
When he used to go to school, the school bully had ripped off his shirt and slashed one of his arms until it was bleeding and all this for not giving him his money.this boy all tears frantically ran back home and narrated the happening to his father. His father onstead of taking the right action gave him a huge knife and asked him to take revenge. And this started with series of murders for revenge by the boy.and landed in the jail.
The next day in prison he was asked to slaughter a cow(normally the task given to convicts depends on how cruel they are ).then a man brought the cow in .at that moment he was dumb-struck and did not move,his eyes were fixed on the cow.he hed seen something that he hadn’t seen ever before.he saw tears in its eyes rolling down pleading for help. Then he realized what he had done all these years.a cow had taught him a lesson

“to get further enlightenment do visit the website www.goveg.com!”

go vegetarian

  • Eating Your Way to a Smaller 'Ecological Footprint'

What we choose to eat has an enormous impact on the environment. Following a diet loaded with animal flesh, eggs, and dairy products is like trampling the Earth in an SUV—it's bad for the environment and wastes vast amounts of resources. Switching to a vegetarian diet reduces your "ecological footprint", allowing you to tread lightly on the planet and be compassionate to its inhabitants.

Consider the following:

Eating animals causes global warming.
A major report by the University of Chicago in 2006 found that adopting a vegan diet has a greater impact in the fight against global warming than switching to a hybrid car does.
It takes up to 16 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of animal flesh. It's shockingly inefficient to feed plant foods to farmed animals and consume their flesh rather than eating the plant foods ourselves.
In the U.S. every second, chickens, turkeys, pigs, and cows in factory farms produce nearly 89,000 pounds of excrement, which is contaminated with the antibiotics and hormones that are pumped into these animals.
According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the runoff from factory farms pollutes our waterways more than all other industrial sources combined. Industrial agriculture consumes and wastes a tremendous amount of resources:
In the U.S., 70 percent of all grains, 80 percent of all agricultural land, half of all water resources, and one-third of all fossil fuels are used to raise animals for food.
Eating animals destroys the rain forest. Most environmentalists are aware that the Amazon has been slashed and burned in order to create grazing space for cows. But perhaps an even greater threat is the destruction of rain forest in order to create land where feed is grown for factory-farmed animals in wealthy nations.
A recent report by Greenpeace blamed the chicken-flesh industry, particularly KFC, for leading the way in destroying the Amazon.
By choosing vegetarianism instead of a diet loaded with animal products, you can dramatically reduce the amount of land, water, and oil resources that you consume and the amount of pollution that you cause. Of course, reducing your ecological footprint should also mean causing less harm to the Earth's nonhuman inhabitants: By switching to a vegetarian diet, you can save more than 100 animals each year from the horrific cruelty of the flesh, egg, and dairy industries. Please make the compassionate, environmentally friendly choice to switch to a healthy vegetarian diet.