Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"real story"


Imagine, you are caught by a bunch of monster like people, your legs and hands tied and put in a truck heading for your slaughter.oh!sorry you aren't being kidnapped but you are heading to the butcher house to be chopped into pieces.Hard to imagine....but yes imagine the same plight of those thousands and millions of innocent creatures which were obviously not created on earth to satisfy your taste buds!!!
I would quote a real story here that i read in one of the magazines.......

Once a sage came to preach about peace to the convicts in the jail and much before the jailers could bring the prisoners to him , a guy himself came to the sage. He wanted to say something,he wanted to tell the sage the reason for him to be there.
When he used to go to school, the school bully had ripped off his shirt and slashed one of his arms until it was bleeding and all this for not giving him his money.this boy all tears frantically ran back home and narrated the happening to his father. His father onstead of taking the right action gave him a huge knife and asked him to take revenge. And this started with series of murders for revenge by the boy.and landed in the jail.
The next day in prison he was asked to slaughter a cow(normally the task given to convicts depends on how cruel they are ).then a man brought the cow in .at that moment he was dumb-struck and did not move,his eyes were fixed on the cow.he hed seen something that he hadn’t seen ever before.he saw tears in its eyes rolling down pleading for help. Then he realized what he had done all these years.a cow had taught him a lesson

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Rashmin said...

nice one... i can tell this to people in my courses