Monday, July 28, 2008

all about me

I have always been an ever-wandering kid of the block trying to probe what i actually want in life....and a million thanks to my mom and dad who asked me to join "the art of living course" which has brought a new direction to my life and my ambitions....i always had dreamt the reality of being an aeronautical engineer and this course has offered a lot to didn't teach me how to be one...but it brought out the "real" me.....i realized what i am by i can accept any situation that comes in my way(coz life is no bed of roses you see)...and be happy and smiling all the time.And will always be grateful to my teacher in the course Rashmin bhaiya and all the people in my course....the pals i made here were an amazing bunch of if anybody wanna have a taste of life like i did...then "the art of living course" is just for you.....

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